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: Pacifier Dependency- child or parent?

Let’s be honest, a dependence on a pacifier isn’t limited to the child.

Unsurprisingly, many parents find that they may have more of a reluctance of moving towards a pacifier free life. Certainly, a child can develop a severe dependency to the pacifier, but so can the parent!

Don’t believe us? Let’s examine potential signs of parental pacifier addiction.

Do you find yourself saying, “But I only use it in the car, at naptime or bedtime.”

Okay. That may be true. But does that list of only expand to any of these moments?

my child is sick.
my child is scared.
guests are around.
other parents’ kids are more well behaved around my child.
my child gets a Boo-Boo
my child is fussy in the car.
my child is fussy at a restaurant.
my child is fussy at the mall.
I need to make a phone call.
I am ordering a tall mocha latte.
I am fixing my child a bottle.
my head is pounding.
I need a second to think.
my child looks bored.
I am bored.

You get the point. The pacifier might begin as a way to help your child in early infancy. As your infant moves into the toddler world, it might be difficult to give up for you, too!

That is where the idea for the Last Paci™ app came from. Last Paci was created by parents for parents that could use a helping hand! 

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