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About Us

The idea behind 312 Kids was born out of a mother’s desire to create a meaningful, effective and healthy method of navigating the sometimes troubling waters of a young child’s milestones. Whether that child is bidding adieu to their last pacifier, familiarizing themselves with the potty, or sleeping through the night in their own bed, there are several milestones that don’t always have the most predictable journeys.

In today’s technology saturated world, many parents have witnessed how easily a tot will take to tablets, computers and mobile devices. This mother’s child was no exception. Yet, she noticed that while many of these apps and games do a great job at introducing a young tot to colors, spatial skills and the alphabet, they weren’t addressing the sort of challenging milestones that parents could use a helping hand with.

The Last Paci™ is 312 Kids’ first app and is set to be released Spring 2013. The Last Paci aims to not only help your child navigate the transition away from the pacifier, but to make the experience fun, colorful, interactive and most of all – memorable.

Our Team

Our Team The team behind 312 Kids brings together the imaginative and artistic designer mind of Loren Jaynes and the methodical and technology architect Jared Devich. As young parents, this in-law team knows first hand how difficult it can be to guide a child through the milestones of a youngster’s life in both a healthy and meaningful way.

We believe in supporting local talent, and as such, we have assembled a brilliant Chicago artists and programmers to round out the 312 Kids team! We feel really fortunate to have collaborated with such talent, and we can’t wait to see all of the other great things they can do!

If you are interested in joining our fabulous team, please send us an email. info@312kids.com We’d love to hear about you!